CHRYSO®Pave 148 SE

CHRYSO®Pave148SE is new generation admixture based on patented technology and is engineered to meet the exact needs of concrete Paver and Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) producers.

CHRYSO Pave 148 SE is an efflorescence controller admix ture which fills the concrete pore with hyrophobic particles. These particles inhibit the permeation of water through cement paste capillaries.

CHRYSO "Pave 148 SE allows for primary and secondary efflorescence risk reduction without modifying fresh or hardened properties of concrete.

  • Provides Superior primary and secondary efflorescence control
  • Reduces concrete water permeability and absorption
  • Allows to exceed ASTM E 514 requirements
  • Does not affect air content of fresh concrete nor finish/color
  • Improves concrete chemical resistance and durability
Domains of application
  • Recommended for all Pavers, SRW or architectural blocks where superior efflorescence control and low absorption are desirable.
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