CHRYSO®Fiber S Synthetic Macro Reinforcing Fibers are uniquely engineered to provide “Built in Reinforcement as an alternative to steel fibers, WWF and conventional reinforcing bars in a variety of secondary reinforcement applications.

In addition, CHRYSO®Fiber S Macro Fibers also help to minimize temperature shrinkage, cracking, plastic settlement and plastic shrinkage cracking.

Market Specification Market Specification

• To enhance post cure residual strength, toughness & durabilty
• For enhancing post-first crack performance
• To reduce chipping, cracking & breakage
• To reduce handling & transportation stresses
• To reduce de-molding and stripping issues
• To increase impact & abrasion resistance

Domains of application

CHRYSO®Fiber S Synthetic Macro Fibers are specifically engineered and manufactured for use in concrete as secondary reinforcement for thermal expansion and contraction, and for post-first crack reinforcement, or where project specifications call for a specific dosage rate, or an ASTM C1399 ARS target value.



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