CHRYSO®Optifinish A758


CHRYSO®Optifinish A758 is a liquid viscosity modifying admixture (VMA) designed to improve concrete resistance to segregation and bleeding.

CHRYSO®Optifinish A758 allows for manufacturing of forgiving gap graded concrete mixes (i.e. Pervious Concrete) and improves the resistance of very high flowability concrete to water or fine elements content variations (i.e. Self Consolidating Concrete).

Market Specification Market Specification Market Specification
  • Increases the viscosity and cohesiveness of the concrete mix
  • Reduces concrete bleed water and segregation
  • Facilitates manufacturing of concrete with gap graded aggregates
  • Enhances finish
  • Facilitates manufacturing of high flowability concrete or SCC with gap graded aggregates or limited cementitious content
  • Allows for recovery of segregated Self Consolidating Concrete
  • Easy to dispense
  • Consistent impact on viscosity over time
  • Does not impact slump retention or durability of concrete
Domains of application
  • Concrete mixes where enhanced resistance to bleeding and segregation is desirable
  • Manufacturing of pervious concrete
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