CHRYSO®Pave 259 EMX is a new generation admixture based on CHRYSO® EnviroMix® technology and designed for the Paver and SRW industry.

CHRYSO®Pave 259 EMX combines exclusive cementitious hydration catalysts and finish enhancers allowing for dramatically improved strengths at all ages and cement replacement ratio.

CHRYSO®Pave 259 EMX is most specifically designed to allow for increased usage of Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM) such as slag, ash, ...

  • Allows for high Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM) usage ratio in line with LEED directives
  • Greatly improves finish while providing superior overall aesthetics
  • Provides increased strengths at all ages
  • Reduces cycle time and improves densities
  • Reduces cull rate
  • Improves concrete chemical resistance and durability
  • Improves cementitious material performance (more psi/lb)
Domains of application
  • Pavers, SRW or architectural blocks where superior finish and enhanced strengths while using high SCM replacement ratio are desirable
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