CHRYSO®Plast HC EF 3 is a new generation admixture designed for the hollow core industry.

CHRYSO®Plast HC EF 3 is formulated specifically to improve both early and ultimate strengths in hollow core while providing excellent finish and strand connectivity.

CHRYSO®Plast HC EF 3 exclusive formulation allows for extreme easiness of use and robustness.

  • Greatly improves bottom finish while providing superior overall aesthetics
  • Provides increased strengths at all ages and improved strand connectivity
  • Reduces shrinkage and honey combing
  • Provides ultimate camber recapture characteristics
  • Allows for optimal horizontal shear performance
  • Improves concrete quality by reducing the water-cement ratio for a given degree of workability
  • Proprietary molecule reduces concrete viscosity (stickiness) while enhancing cementitious hydration (more psi/lb)
  • Improves concrete chemical resistance and durability
Domains of application
  • Recommended for all hollow core concrete where superior finish, enhanced strength and no strand slippage are desirable
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