CHRYSO®CI 200 is a ready to use aqueous solution based on calcium nitrite which chemically inhibits corrosion of steel embedded in concrete.

CHRYSO®CI 200 converts defective ferrous oxide on reinforcement steel to a more stable ferric ion species less susceptible to corrosion, therefore preventing staining, cracking and spalling of concrete.

CHRYSO®CI 200 is specially formulated to provide similar setting time results to untreated concrete to reduce or eliminate the use of a setretarding admixture (ASTM C-494 type B or D). CHRYSO®CI 200 is manufactured under rigid quality control measures to provide uniform, reliable results.

  • Provides an integral corrosion protection system within the concrete matrix 
  • Extends the service life of concrete structures subjected to chlorides 
  • Increases early compressive and flexural strengths. 
  • Improves concrete durability
  • Easy to use neutral setting liquid admixture
Domains of application

CHRYSO®CI 200 is recommended for all concrete applications requiring corrosion protection against chlorides from de-icing salts or marine exposure such as bridge decks, parking garages or floors.

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