CHRYSO® FlowFill

CHRVso®FlowFill is a dry powdered material that aids in producing a highly flowable and volume stable flowable fill mixture known as Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM), Controlled Density Fill (CDF) and Low Strength Mortar (LSM).

Market Specification Market Specification
  • Produces an extremely fluid material that self compacts and places easily
  • Eliminates the costly need to backfill and compact between multiple lifts
  • Generates stable air contents - up to 30%
  • Helps control ultimate strength development to CLSM to within specified ranges
  • Results in significant savings of machine and man hours
  • Produces a stable volume with minimal segregation and bleed
  • Pre-measure dry chemical eliminates concerns of leakage and frozen liquid product
  • Easily dosed on the jobsite
  • Increases yield up to 30% creating material and delivery savings
Domains of application

CHRVSO®Flowfill is recommended for all concrete mixes where the use of CLSM is required:

Street and highway cross cuttings
Abandoned underground structures
Utility excavations
Commercial and residential back-fill applications
Pipe bending
Sub-grade base
Backfill for radiant heat flatwork

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