CHRYSO® Omega 410


CHRYSO®Omega 410 is a breakthrough in chemical admixtures, utilizing the latest molecular synthesis technology from the CHRYSO® Synthesis Lab, combining patented CHRYSO® technologies into one, user focused solution.

CHRYSO® Omega 410 improves paste quality and lubricity providing ease of placement

CHRYSO® Omega 410 provides faster wet-out and improves water reduction. True slump retention of 90 minutes can be achieved with “normal” set time and early strength.

CHRYSO® Omega 410 is engineered to address the challenges of today’s more variable concrete materials, enabling consistent desired concrete properties while providing maximum performance across a broad range of dosage rates and workability demands.

Market Specification Market Specification Market Specification
  • Excellent slump retention reducing risk of jobsite water additions
  • World class air control, reducing QC time, expense, lost loads
  • Reduces concrete viscosity (stickiness) to improve finish, placement and pumpability of concrete
  • Faster placements, improved jobsite and equipment efficiency
  • Early strength = project acceleration
  • Higher early and ultimate strengths
Domains of application

CHRYSO® Omega 410 is recommended for use in Ready Mixed Concrete where improved efficiency (more psi/pound) of cement and SCM is desired for quality, economy and environmental responsibility

CHRYSO® Omega 410 is recommended for all Ready Mixed Concrete to improve rheology and paste quality & lubricity.

CHRYSO® Omega 410 is recommended for use in Ready Mixed Concrete mixes to improve uniformity and control of air content, set time and slump retention.

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