CHRYSO® Optima 1240


CHRYSO® Optima 1240 is a high performance chemical admixture utilizing new polycarboxylate technology to provide excellent water reduction along with extended slump retention.

CHRYSO® Optima 1240 provides extended slump life with minimal effect on set time and early strength.

CHRYSO® Optima 1240 allows the concrete to be batched at the specified slump eliminating the need to increase the initial slump to account for slump loss during transit.

Market Specification Market Specification Market Specification
  • Proprietary CHRYSO® technology improves workability and finishability
  • Minimal slump loss between the plant and jobsite without unwanted slump increases during transportation.
  • Reduces the need to add additional water at the jobsite maintaining the designed quality of the concrete.
  • Reduces the potential for bleeding and segregation
  • Reduces concrete viscosity (stickiness) to improve finish, placement and improves the pumpability of concrete
  • Improves concrete quality by reducing the water-cement ratio for a given degree of workability
  • Improves concrete chemical resistance and durability
  • Improves cementitious material performance (more psi/lb)
Domains of application

CHRYSO® Optima 1240 is recommended for all concrete mixes where significant water reduction, improved cementitious material performance (more psi/lb), normal set times and enhanced finishing characteristics are desirable.

CHRYSO® Optima 1240 is especially recommended for use in ready mixed concrete applications where very good slump or flow (SCC) retention characteristics along with high early strengths are required.

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