CHRYSO®Quad 715

Multi-Range Water Reducing Admixture

CHRYSO®Quad 715 is the latest generation plasticizer – water reducer.  This multi-dose admixture includes some of our most recent polymer technologies to provide a wide dosage range for achieving excellent water reduction and workability retention, and with excellent concrete finishability.

Meets the requirements of ASTM C494, Types A & F

CHRYSO®Quad 715 uses CLEAR® technology by CHRYSO (Clay Enabling Admixture Response) which allows for efficient dispersion of hydraulic binders in concrete mix designs using challenging sands containing swelling clays or high amounts of fine particles.

Application domain

  • All Cement Types
  • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Manufactured Sand
  • Sands with High Fines
  • High SCM Replacement
  • High Early Strength
  • Extended Slump Retention


  • Allows Use of high proportions of Manufactured Sand
  • High Early Strength
  • Proprietary finishing aid improves workability and finishability
  • Enhanced Slump Retention
  • Excellent Air Control
  • Wide Range of Water Reduction With Little Impact on Set Time



  • 55 gallon drum (210 L)
  • 264 gallon tote (1000 L)
  • Bulk

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