CHRYSO®Optima 200 series: When balanced performance echoes a highly versatile solution for all projects

CHRYSO®Optima 200 series is a High Range Water Reducer offering developed for moderate slump to high flowability concrete and Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC). This product offering meets multiple requirements such as great initial flowability, workability retention and high early and long-term strengths thanks to embedded Strength Enhancing technologies.

CHRYSO®Optima 200 series has been developed form proprietary technologies to provide concrete producers with a differentiating solution with well balanced performance between workability retention and water reduction with great robustness to cement chemistries.



Excellent Pumpability

beyond 1,650ft horizontally and 650ft vertically

Great Workability Retention

versus traditional High Range Water Reducers

Great Water Reduction

up to 50%
Strength Enhancement Package supercharged icon

Strength Enhancement Package (EMx)

for significantly improved early strengths


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