About US

Founded in 1942, CHRYSO is the global leader in innovative chemistries and services to enhance the performance of cement and concrete.

We provide our customers – cement manufacturers, ready-mix concrete producers, precast manufacturers and construction companies – with our expertise in chemistry, formulation and knowledge of construction materials.

CHRYSO Inc key figures

Founded in 1942
3 Applications Laboratories: Concrete and Cement
4 Production Sites

Our Mission

  • Listen, understand and respond to our customers’ challenges and needs.
  • Develop innovative technologies and service solutions allowing our customers to:
    > Improve performance
    > Reduce costs
    > Increase competitive advantage
    > Boost profitability
    > Respect our environment
  • Leverage our global presence and 70 + years of experience.
  • Engineer patented molecules, unavailable elsewhere.
    > Products engineered for cement & concrete performance
    > Shared application innovation with customers
    > Partnering for local customized offerings

An innovative company

  • 20% of our staff work in R&D.
  • 35% of our turnover is generated thanks to products which are under 5 years old.
  • 3% of our turnover is invested every year in R&D.

Innovation is in our DNA

CHRYSO has long been investing in a strategy aimed at developing new solutions to keep our customers satisfied by continually improving the fulfillment of their economical and technical needs. Our company provides a wide range of products in constant evolution, which offers optimized solutions to meet our customers' changing needs.

Examples of latest CHRYSO® innovations

  • CHRYSO® Quad 520 EMx is a new generation multi-range water reducer that allows for the use of lower cost aggregates while improving slumpability, finishability and pumpability.
  • CHRYSO®Optima 1000 series.  CHRYSO has reached a turning point in the superplasticiser technology for challenging jobsites:
    • More than 7 hours of workability retention
    • Over 200 meters of vertical pumpability
    • Up to 50% of water reduction for an optimum dosage per m3

At the very core of our clients’ needs

We endeavor to understand our customers’ requirements in order to provide the best possible solutions. Our sustainable solutions comprise a wide range of products and services supported by our expert teams. The cornerstones of our offer are quality, innovation and superior customer care.

A responsible company

Our priority is to act as a responsible company. We openly report to our stakeholders. Our whole organization is employee and customer focused: their satisfaction is very important to us, as well as respecting direct and indirect stakeholders.