Lower quality sands: Impact concrete performance and placement

Scarcity of good quality sands and the impact of transport on concrete embodied carbon, is providing significant challenges to the industry. However, the quality of sands has a direct impact on concrete performance, placeability and finishability.

The possibility of using lower quality sands, which are locally sourced, without compromising the concrete quality significantly contributes to reducing supply lead time, costs and improving the concrete CO2 footprint.

CHRYSO®Quad is a unique solution for extending the use of complex aggregates while maintaining superior concrete quality:

  • Harsh manufactured sands (specific shapes)
  • Sands with lower gradation (lack or excess of fines)
  • Swelling clay contaminated aggregates


Improved concrete cohesiveness and rheology for enhanced pumpability without bleeding issues

Workability Retention

Improved workability retention and facilitate concrete placement and finishability

Water Reducer

Controlled water demand despite the presence of swelling clays
Concrete embodied carbon reduction

Reduced CO2 Footprint

Reduced costs by sourcing from local suppliers, streamlining the procurement process and lowering the carbon footprint


CHRYSO®Quad solutions

CHRYSO®Quad is a unique solution that combines water reducing admixtures with a set of services to evaluate the quality of sands and adjust the concrete mix design, to achieve equal or better performance cost-effectively.

Full product offering based on proprietary polycarboxylate technologies that are highly efficient for mitigating clay-related water demand issues and lack of the concrete cohesiveness and flowability due to specific gradation/shape aggregates.

power trowel machine in use inside warehouse

Characterize the type and quantity of clay embeded in your sands with CHRYSO®Clear Test.

Unique characterization method for swelling clay which is a real alternative to the methylene blue test with higher accuracy and reproductibility, and very easy-to-use testing in the lab and on site.


We support our customers with mix design proportioning considering your sand gradation, shape and other materials.

Concrete pouring during commercial concreting floors of building on construction site

Enter the circular economy and its virtuous circle

The implementation of a circular economy approach with the use of local aggregates or aggregates from deconstruction sites is a major challenge to accelerate sustainable construction.

The CHRYSO®Quad range and dedicated services optimise production costs, while improving the quality and performance of concrete using complex aggregates.

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