CHRYSO®NutralSet® TC


CHRYSO®NutralSet® TC is a ready-to-use liquid solution manufactured to control the hydration process in Portland cement concretes and concrete wash water.

CHRYSO®NutralSet® TC coats the hydrating cement particles in the concrete and wash water, resulting in the suspension of the hydration chemical reaction.

Market Specification Market Specification Market Specification
  • Improves ultimate compressive strength performance over conventional concrete
  • Provides a quality, profitable, and reliable method to treat returned concrete for reuse or hold (for a few hours) and then reuse on the same day
  • Reduces disposal costs associated with returned concrete
  • Allows reuse of concrete wash water overnight or over a weekend in many situations
  • Reduces concrete wash water disposal
  • Reduces amount of concrete wash water needed and truck mixer washout
  • Reduces expensive disposal costs associated with concrete wash water
  • Controls peak temperature rise in the concrete
Domains of application
  • Concrete mixes where lower hydration temperature, increased ultimate strengths or retarded setting time characteristics are recommended
  • Stabilization of concrete wash water or returned concrete
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