CHRYSO®Convert C

Returned Concrete Treatment Admixture

CHRYSO®Convert C is an additive for the treatment of returned plastic concrete to convert it into a dry, hardened, granular state.

Adding CHRYSO®Convert C directly into the mixer drum is easy, fast and efficient. After the discharge of the granular material, a standard washout procedure can be used to clean the drum.

Application domain

  • All Cement Types
  • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Paving Concrete


  • Produces an excellent road base, fill materials, or landscape base with good granular distribution and compacity
  • Easy to use; the product is packaged in disintegrable bags of 500g (approximately 17 oz)
  • High dosage efficiency in comparison with some of the solutions available on the market
  • No leftover in the drum, and the newly formed aggregates are easy to discharge
  • Allows for standard washout procedures of the mixer drum

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