EnviroMix® SE 30

Concrete Strength Enhancer
Early & late strengths

EnviroMix®SE 30 is a strength enhancing admixture to improve the cementitious efficiency and to enable high level of supplementary cementitious material (SCM) utilization in concrete mixtures. EnviroMix®SE 30 improves the mechanical strength of the concrete and helps designing concrete mixtures with reduced carbon footprint.

The enhanced cement hydration results in increased compressive and flexural strengths at all ages, without impacting other performance of the concrete.

Meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM C-494 Type S (pending)

Application domain

  • All Cement Types
  • High SCM Replacement
  • Carbon Reduction in Concrete
  • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Precast Concrete


  • Enables higher cement and SCM activation
  • Reduces the embodied carbon of concrete
  • Provides higher strengths at all ages without adversely affecting concrete workability
  • Replace cement without sacrificing strength, particularly at early ages


  • 55 gallon drum (210 L)
  • 264 gallon tote (1000 L)
  • Bulk

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