Push the limits with CHRYSO®Optima 1000 series

CHRYSO®Optima 1000 series is based on a breakthrough technology that enables ready-mix concrete producers to meet highly challenging project specifications in ultra-densified metro areas including high-rise or long-distance underground projects.

CHRYSO®Optima 1000 series further pushes the limits of concrete performance for challenging projects that require high flowability to self-compacting concrete, high to very high-performance concrete, and concrete with high early strengths.



Excellent Pumpability

beyond 1,650ft horizontally and 650ft vertically

Unmatched Workability Retention

3 to 8 hour workability

Great Water Reduction

up to 50%
PSI Icon with no time

Enhanced Compressive Strengths

Excellent mechanical strength at early age and 28 days


Meet challenging project specifications

CHRYSO designs customed products according to your materials and specifications to meet expected performance:

  • Long distance pumpability
  • Long workability retention
  • Water reduction
  • Robustness
  • Cohesive concrete & easy placement

Benefits of the CHRYSO®Optima 1000 series

Benefit from fast and long-distance pumping beyond 1,650ft horizontally and 650ft vertically:

  • Logistics flexibility
  • Shorter truck immobilization: more deliveries per truck
  • Longer equipment service life
  • Greater pumping distances are achievable with equivalent equipment
Concrete workability retention

Achieve 3 to 8 hours workability to meet the needs of complex construction sites (dense urban areas, geographic distances, high temperatures):

  • Consistent slump achievement: quality control facilitated
  • Easy concrete placement despite unpredicted jobsites disturbances
  • Remove the need for concrete retempering on-site limiting quality issues and undesired air entrainment
  • Increase of serviceable market reachable for the concrete plant
Vertical Concrete Pumping

Achieve higher performance and benefit from greater concrete robustness.

  • Enhanced strength achievement at target for faster project completion
  • Further mix design optimization
  • The use of lower grade Supplementary Cementitious Materials.

Complex jobsites require superior tailor-made admixture technologies. The highly adjustable CHRYSO®Optima 1000 concrete admixtures technology answers the requirements of major construction projects.

CHRYSO®Optima 1000 series, an ultra-flexible solution that allows designing with CHRYSO technical experts, the new generation of products to reach high-performance concrete.

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