CHRYSO®Premia, based on breakthrough technology, is a portfolio of High Range Water Reducers designed to produce high initial strength concrete with remarkable placeability characteristics required for example, with Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC).


Excellent Concrete Placeability Icon

Excellent Concrete Placeability

to facilitate the mold filling operations
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Excellent Surface Quality

limiting bugholes and repairing operations

High Early Strengths

to improve productivity and accelerate curing operations
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High Robustness

to mitigate material quality variations


Benefits of the CHRYSO®Premia

CHRYSO®Premia solutions have been specifically developed for concrete that requires high early strengths, due to effective water reduction properties with optimal set times. This benefit can be leveraged in many ways:

  • Use less reactive types of cement such as Limestone-based cement (T1L)
  • Mitigate material quality inconsistency while maintaining a good concrete quality
  • Manufacture Self-Consolidated Concrete (SCC) to make easier concrete pouring and placement with less manpower
  • Accelerate the curing and demolding operations to achieve higher productivity rates
  • Reduce the cement quantity in the mix to lower the concrete COfootprint

CHRYSO®Premia enables easy and consistent placement of concrete even in applications with congested reinforcement, while providing a good quality surfacing after the concrete has hardened.

  • A workability retention of between 30 and 45 minutes
  • The possibility to design flow or self-compacting concrete
  • Excellent surface finish quality

CHRYSO®Premia 500 series specifically benefits from FILL-FREE® Polymer Technology that reduces concrete thixotropy. The result is an unmatched concrete cohesiveness and flowability that fills the most complex molds very rapidly with only minimal energy.

FILL-FREE® Polymer Technology also provides excellent water reduction properties that are necessary to obtain the optimal concrete set times and superior early strengths.

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