Anti-washout admixture

  • Drastically improves concrete washout resistance
  • Enhances pumpability, tremie flow and placeability
  • Improves mix cohesiveness and resistance to segregation
  • Reduces bleeding
  • Eliminates the need to dewater placement site
Domains of application

CHRYSO®UW C-61 is a ready to use aqueous solution of complex
anti-washout polymer compounds.

CHRYSO®UW C-61 is formulated specifically to provide highly fluid,
easily placed and consolidated concrete that will resist washout and
segregation during placement and curing under water, preserving the
intended hardened properties of the concrete (or grout).

CHRYSO®UW C-61 can be used in conjunction with other Chryso
concrete admixtures and most especially CHRYSO®Fluid Optima
High Range Water Reducers.

CHRYSO®UW C-61 is manufactured under rigid quality control
standards to provide uniform, reliable results.

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